Understanding Poker Terms

While poker is a game and not a culture, it has its own lingo that a lot of people find puzzling. One reason could be due to the fact that the language has various meanings and becomes integrated with the game of poker which helps the beginner understand and adjust to. Most often than not, these terms are used by the poker players in order to communicate to one another. Players unfamiliar with such terms will find a hard time to understand the flow of the game.

In order to lessen your confusion at the table when you encounter these terms, we will go over them so that you can go on with the flow.

The blind (small blind or big blind). This refers to a forced wager that replaces the antes in regular poker. The blinds are made by the persons located on the left side of the dealer: the first person will place the small blind while the second person places the big blind. The blinds are made prior to seeing the cards.

The board cards. These are the cards shown on the table which are divided among all the players.

The draw. This is the moment when he is attempting to boost the hand he already possesses. A draw signifies that you need to have certain cards you desire and you desire that such cards be shown on the table.

The pre flop. This is the action of dealing you hand. In the pre-flop, you will obtain the two cards that are visible only to you. The same holds true with the other players.

The flop. This is the time when the initial board cards are displayed. In Texas Hold’Em, there are three flop cards.

The turn. This follows the flop and this is the session that exposes the fourth board card.

The river. This is the fifth card from the board cards that will be displayed on the table. All in all, you now have seven cards in your hand.

Limit poker. In limit poker, the players agree on a certain amount restriction for their bets.

Shorthand poker. A game of short hand poker refers to a poker game with less than six players.

Longhand poker. A poker game becomes long hand when there are seven people or more at the poker table.

So there you have it. Understanding these poker terms can help you succeed in the game of poker.

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