The Women Poker Players

The game of poker is a neutral game, making both genders play an even game against each other just as character and the mind in the game are neuter. Sexual traits have nothing to do with rationality, objectivity and competence. Women playing poker can be as aggressive as men, in fact, they can beat them regularly with the right strategies and not muscle.

Basic advantages favor women over men players. Demographically, women are fewer and a small special minority of them plays high-stake and serious pokers. With this, generally speaking, women players learn more about male players than male players can learn about them.

See it this way so you would get what I mean, women’s advantage in poker is equally utilized by left-handed boxers, tennis players and pitchers who learn more about their right-handed opponents than right-handed opponents can learn about them.

But the woman’s greatest advantage over male players is exploiting their natural misconceptions about her. To them, a woman naturally lacks that killer instinct in a game, which makes them vulnerable to tough high-stakes players. With practice, discipline and emotional control, women players can be a lot better than just having a killer instinct in the game. She would win by objectivity, good attitudes and analytical skills. When men sees women as inferior these are players that hold a nonobjective view and therefore are possibly be not good players. Their views and their machismo attitudes can be turned around and be exploited by women. They will tend to misplay women. They would only realize their mistake when they’ve lost a lot of dough.

Today, there are more than 10 percent of women poker players who are relatively successful. In every private game, about 1% are women. Adding this up, major poker tournaments would have to see these percentages grow as more and more women are getting involved in the game. It wouldn’t take long before a woman would win a world poker tourney. Increasingly, a great number of women are learning how to turn around male players by using erroneous beliefs and nonobjective attitudes toward them. This is a subtle advantage women hold over men, which can’t be read as a tell or a behavioral ploy.

A woman is always a welcome player in a private game, and to some men, she could be a financial asset. By some reason, women make men less objective, thereby increasing her odds over them. Before male players know it, she would be a financial liability to them instead. In this way, she would be in control of the game and everyone would be careful against her.

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