In Holdem poker, many experts say we ought to raise pre-flop. Other experts insist we should be raising post flop. But we must understand the wisdom in raising before and after the flop.

When we raise pre-flop it would be good to supplement this “show of force” with a bet post flop. And this is done no matter what the flop shows on the board—whether it helps us or not. Raising before and after the flop makes it hard for opponents to place us on a hand. They won’t be able to figure out what hand we’re holding.

Just think about it. If we fail to raise post flop, this readily gives our hand away to the opponent. The opponent would readily see that the flop didn’t help us any. If say the flop comes A74 and we don’t bet when our turn comes, it only means the ace didn’t affect us one bit. But when raising before and after the flop, we give the impression of an aggressive play and a confident hand.

Just imagine. If we note that a player does a pre-flop raise and then makes another¬†¬† raise post flop, we would think at once that the player’s starting hand was strong, and is further strengthened by the flop. We’d probably be forced to fold. Raising before and after the flop sends a strong signal across the table.

The strategy also profits us in the following ways if done regularly: first, we can get more conducive reactions when we get or hit a very strong hand. Second, opponents are likely to fold more often against our pre-flop raises especially when they anticipate our post flop bet. Thus, raising before and after the flop allows us to steal more blinds. And third, this strategy enables us to hand-read more our opponents. If they have a strong hand it would be obvious because they won’t be fazed by our raises. They’d even re-raise us.

Thus, raising before and after the flop can also help us foresee our losses when opponents are unperturbed despite our raises and that signals us to reconsider our play and just fold and save on chips.

Raising before and after the flop has a lot of benefits for a player. We can get better aggressive plays with the strategy and also better hand-read on our opponents. Best of all, this strategy helps us know in advance whether folding is the best option to save on bets.

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