Playing Pairs at 7 Card Stud

When playing 7 Card Stud Poker it is vital that you become aware of the times and situation when to use the hand combinations, in particular pairs. These hands are the type that you will often get and therefore knowing how to play them is important.

The top or high pairs in 7 Card Stud include TTs and above, the rest being middle or low pairs. Very often, especially in online Poker, you will see players slow playing high pairs, and this can lead to heavy losses.

The reason is that in 7 Card Stud and in other Poker games as well, slow playing these hands will weaken it, as the more cards are dealt, the greater the possibility that someone with a higher pair or a set will beat your hand.

Part of your 7 Card Stud strategy should also include paying attention to door cards. If someone with an Ace door card is raising, then chances are he has top pair. Of course if he is a frequent bluffer, then you can be confident that he has nothing. If he is a passive player, then you know he holds a strong hand.

If you are holding low pairs in 7 Card Stud (77 and under), which is very vulnerable. Depending on the stage of the game, you have some options. If it is still the early streets and you have a high kicker, then you can still hope to get a high pair with your kicker. But having low pairs and a low kicker for hands in 7 Card Stud should be folded automatically.

These are just some of the ways that you can make use of high and low pairs in 7 Card Stud Poker. There are some instances when you will want to improvise, depending on the players on the table; if they are tight or too loose, then you will have to make the proper adjustments.

A lot of Poker players do not realize this, but the fact is that the playability of high pairs and low pairs in 7 Card Stud depends a lot on the individuals that are on the Poker table.

However that is the essence of any good 7 Card Stud strategy; if you have the ability to adapt to the ever changing game situations, you will often take the pot. Knowing how to make the appropriate modification and fine tuning your game plan will turn you into a winner.

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