Getting Coins for Video Poker

The only thing easier than getting your bills changed into coins in Las Vegas is actually playing the machines once you’ve got them. The typical video poker and slot areas give you all sorts of ways, one easier than the next, to get coins for the machine you want to play.

First, you can go directly to a change booth set up in or near the video poker machines. Or you can track down one of the many changepeople who patrol near the machines, wheeling carts full of change. These usually aren’t too hard to spot. If that is too taxing, let them come to you. Either wait if patience is your virtue, they won’t be long, or press the “Change” button located on the left side of your machine. That will light up the red bulb atop your machine and alert changepeople to come with the money.

You can also get change right from the video poker machine itself. The new machines have bill changers that accept $1, $5, $20, $50 and even $100 bills. These bills get converted directly into credits on the machine. Later, you can convert these to coins, if you want, by pressing the “Cash Out” button on the machine.

Coin Denominations

Video Poker machines come in a variety of coin denominations, enough choice to meet any player’s need. You can play the small coin machines, 5 cents and 25 cents, the medium coin $1 machines; the big coin machines, $5 and $25, or the high roller versions, $100 and $500 per coin! You saw it right. There are $100 and $500 coin machines in casinos catering to high rollers, and they do get action.


There is a useful feature offered on all video poker machines that allows you to play on winnings using a credit function built-in to the machines.

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve just hit a win for 20 coins. Two things will happen.

On the machine, you’ll see “Credit – 20” appear. To continue playing without cashing out and reinserting coins, you can now press another button that will have lit up and be indicated by the label, “Maximum Bet,” “Bet 5” or some similar name. This allows you to play five of your 20 credits toward a new hand which will appear on the screen along with the information that your credit now stands at “15.”

The second thing that will happen after your 20 coin win is that a button called the “Cashout” or “Payout” button will light up. If pressed, the machine will give immediate payment of the winnings registered in the credit area.

Converting Coins into Dollars

When you’ve finished playing and are ready to convert your coins into bills, you’ll need to make your way over to the change booth set up in the video poker or slots area. In the booth are these wonderful machines that automatically sort and count your coins. The changeperson within simply takes your bucket, empties it upside down over the machine, and abracadabra! A few seconds later, the machine has counted up your total. That amount will be cheerfully paid back to you by the changeperson in whatever denominations you please.

Note the cashier’s cage in the back is not typically set up to change coins, and they will just refer you back to the change booth in the slots area. If there is no change booth, then the cashier’s cage will serve as both cage and change booth.

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