A poker player has heard of this advice before: “one should have a strategy in order to win in poker.” A strategy is the overall plan of the poker player in order to gain profits after the long poker session. But how will a poker player create a strategy?
Before a poker player can create a strategy, he should have a solid background of the mathematical facts of the game. That is, he should be familiar with the odds of specific starting pocket cards in forming a certain hand. He should also be familiar with the probabilities of a hand being beaten based on the number of opponents at the poker player.

Another thing that the poker player must know before he can create a strategy is the set of tactics in playing the game. The poker player cannot implement a strategy if he does not know how to carry out tactics like bluffing. Once the poker player has both mathematical facts and tactics, he now has the needed materials create and execute his strategy. But, is there a best strategy for poker?

A strategy for poker will depend on many factors, such as the number of players, the personality of the opponents, the position at the table, and all other factors that define the specific conditions of a particular game. Such factors are different from one game to another. And even in one game, these factors change as the game proceeds. For example, one poker player with a certain playing style will be replaced by another who has a radically different playing style.

This implies that no two poker games are exactly the same. And each poker game is constantly changing. Therefore, there cannot be one best strategy for all poker games. And whatever strategy a poker player is employing in one minute must be revised in the next when the conditions in the game change. Therefore, a poker strategy must be dynamic.

In this way, the game of poker is similar to life. There is no one strategy in living one’s life. There is no best strategy to life. And whatever strategy one is using, such can change when some aspects of one’s life change. For example, one gets married or one suddenly becomes a father, or there is a career change.

Thus, having one strategy for one’s life is a disastrous approach. And having one poker strategy that will work for all poker games is impossible. What the poker player needed is a dynamic strategy. And this, again, will be based on what the poker player knows about the game and his opponents.

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