Seven Card Stud is one of those community games where all the players will have a portion of their hands exposed. This affords all the players to actively participate in more bluffing opportunities than what would occur in a draw game.

The game initially starts off with each player being dealt two cards face down and one card face up. At this time the betting will start with exception of the ante. Bluffing can occur immediately and can easily be detected if like cards are being held by another player. For example if an ace is face up in one players hand and another player is holding two aces face down then the player with the one ace is easily detected by the player holding two aces. This makes for interesting betting as the following cards are dealt.

After the first betting round is completed the second face up card is dealt to all the remaining players in the game. Another round of betting is now conducted and assumptions will abound. Again, the chances of bluffing are rampant. This is repeated until the fourth up card is dealt to each player.

Now each player that remains will have four up cards and two down cards. The final seventh card is dealt face down so that an actual five card hand will not be revealed. Now the final round of betting occurs.

Normally a deck of cards will almost be totally used up depending on the number of players that have remained around to the final card being dealt. Usually some players will drop out as the hand has progressed. After the final round of betting has concluded the winning hand will be revealed and the next ante and hand will commence.

Seven Card Stud is an easy game to play and a fun game involving lots of bluffing opportunities. Depending on the limit of the betting a large pot can be realized due to the five betting rounds.

With so many betting rounds and so much of a players hand being revealed the different combinations of hands and speculations of players about their opponent’s hands can cause a hand to be quite exciting and back and forth raises to bets are not uncommon. Also unlike the normal draw poker games where you can not see any of your opponent’s cards, Seven Card Stud has the additional excitement that comes with the bluffing that is much more common. It is also nice to know what an opponent is trying to do when holding their cards thus realizing their bluff.

Seven Card Stud is a very popular game for the typical card game at home as well as a popular game at your local casino. It has also grown to be one of the most popular games played on different online poker sites.

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